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Growing up, I never considered myself a future educator, having only seen education in the context of school. The thought of teaching high school students a single subject, which many of them didn't care much about, and administering tests didn't appeal to me (as much as I loved many of my own teachers!), so I assumed I wasn't meant to teach. But in the years that have past since I've been in school, I've found that there are so many other ways to teach (and learn) that tap into my, "Gosh, I really want to share this information with someone!" tendencies.

My approach to teaching comes from the many incredible educators I've had over the years that teach out of a passion for sharing something they care about, not to enforce their expertise as the be-all and end-all on a topic. Following in their footsteps, I aim to create an environment of information sharing that values what learners already know and can share with one another, in addition to what I bring to the table: a deep love for the topics that I teach about paired with years of learning, research, and collaborating with others to bring a breadth of knowledge to share.

I primarily focus on gender- and size-inclusive Childbirth Education, but I offer courses on a variety of other subjects when I am able to. For more information on any of my educational offerings, please use the links below or reach out directly to me via the Contact page.

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