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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What area do you serve?
    I operate out of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, and am happy to serve my community. But what exactly is my community? As much as I would love to serve people all over the state (or country, or world!), I still work full time Monday through Friday and don't have as much time as I would like to travel that far. At this time, the area I serve may depend on the nature of the service (some are also availble virtually), but it extends roughly 50 miles in any direction from my location (except into the Lake, of course!). This covers the following counties: Sheboygan Manitowoc Ozaukee Fond du Lac Milwaukee Calumet Dodge Outagamie Washington Winnebago These counties vary in realistic driving time, from 5-10 minutes up to about an hour and a half, making some counties more practical for me to serve than others. But don't let that stop you from reaching out! If you would like to hire me for any of my services, I would be happy to discuss logistics or work with you to find someone else in your area if needed.
  • Are you a medical professional/doctor/nurse/etc.?
    Nope. I cannot dispense medical advice, diagnose you, or treat you. Support providers/educators/doulas/etc. like myself are not here to replace doctors, nurses, or midwives (or any other medical provider). Instead, we are here to offer informational, physical, emotional, and spiritual support as needed. We can also be a person that is on your side in situations where you may otherwise feel alone or unsupported, especially if you have medical anxiety or have suffered medical trauma. Support people like myself are here to be there for you and you only, to support your decisions and help you feel secure in your bodily autonomy (aka you are in charge of your body!).
  • I see you trained as a birth doula. Do you attend births/can I hire you?
    I was able to attend a birth doula training in 2017, which is what sparked my journey into what has now become Lakeshore Liberation. However, due to the nature of births and my current full-time job, I am unable to do direct birth support at this time. I would be happy to help connect you to local doulas, though!
  • Why do you mention BIPGM, disabled people, fat people, LGBTQIA+ people, low income people, sex workers, etc. specifically? Isn't that being divisive/alienating/exclusive?
    On the contrary, centering marginalized communities is the opposite of being divisive, alienating anyone, or being exclusive! These communities are the ones that are harmed most by the current systems we have in place -- including our economy, the justice system, our healthcare system, even the very existence of our country and the government itself. For various, often intersecting reasons, these populations are impacted in a variety of ways that often leave them poorer, less likely to have secure housing/food sources, more likely to be arrested/incarcerated, more likely to experience violent crime, and more likely to have their needs dismissed. Whether you believe it or not doesn't matter. The impact still affects these groups disproportionately. That doesn't mean that people that don't fall into those groups don't face challenges in life, of course. The difference is that oppression isn't personal or about the singular person's experience. Oppression is built into systems and impacts peoples' lives on all fronts. Having someone say or do something hurtful to you is painful. But having doctors dismiss your pain/symptoms entirely, having banks less likely to lend to you, having employers less likely to hire or promote you, being turned away from housing, or being more likely to be incarcerated because of your race/size/gender/sexuality/etc? These are just a few of the systemic ways marginalized groups are impacted from the top down. I am only one person and will have minimal impact on systematic issues. But that doesn't mean I won't do everything in my power (especially as a white, financially-stable person) to educate, take action, and use my business to cater to the specific needs of those communities. That doesn't mean my services and products won't help others -- far from it! It simply means that they will be more inclusive and consider the specific needs of multiple communities to make care and wellness as accessible as possible. If you want more information about these topics, feel free to reach out via the Contact page!
  • I'm not [BIPGM, disabled, fat, LGBTQIA+, low income, a sex worker, etc.]. Can I still hire you?"
    Yes, you can absolutely hire me! My services strive to center marginalized communities, but they are not only for those communities. See previous question for more information on this!
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