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Above all else, my goal in working with you is to support you through whatever is going on in your life, tailored to your unique situation and needs. Whether you're planning for your immediate postpartum, looking for guidance through a pregnancy release/abortion, experiencing a pregnancy or infant loss, or simply looking for someone to be with you as you navigate a medical appointment, I can be there with you every step of the way to help you uncover what you need most and find ways to meet those needs that work best for you. This can look like many things, such as:

  • ...meeting with you to craft a postpartum plan tailored to your life and family, helping you tap into the power of your community to plan for meal trains and more, set manageable boundaries, and make the most of the incredible (and sometimes challenging) time that comes with a new baby in the family.

  • ...talking through your pregnancy release options (such as a medication abortion at home or a surgical abortion in a clinic), how to get transportation or childcare covered if needed, and how best to take care of yourself before, during, and after, and then being with you in person or virtually to help you do just that.

  • you space to grieve a loss while helping you navigate your options, crafting personal rituals to honor your child, and helping you preserve the important memories of their life for the future.

  • ...meeting with you before a medical appointment to set intentions and determine what forms of support you need, being alongside you in person or virtually (as permitted) throughout the appointment if desired, and holding space afterwards to allow you to process the experience.

Of course, I'm aware of how deeply personal all of these experiences can be and how challenging it can be to let someone into your life during them, even briefly, that you don't already know. Please know that I will always center your comfort and needs, and I encourage you to reach out to set up a consultation if you are considering working with me. During that time, we we can to know one another and discuss what you're looking for (as well as what I can do and provide) to make sure that it's a good fit before moving forward.

For more information on any of these support services, please use the links below or reach out directly to me via the Contact page.

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