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An image of a Black person with medium curly hair holding a smiling Black baby with short curly black hair.

This is not your average
"health & wellness" business

At Lakeshore Liberation, I want to undo the harmful narratives about certain bodies being unworthy, inconvenient, and inherently in need of "fixing." I know that our bodies are not the problem -- how we are treated is. In every service I offer, I want you to feel supported and empowered, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, size, disability, occupation, or income level.

Everybody deserves respect and affordable, shame-free care -- and that includes you.

What Can I Do for You?

Lakeshore Liberation is always working to offer additional services, educational courses, and more.
Curious about something not listed? Feel free to reach out with questions and suggestions!

Postpartum Planning

Abortion Support

Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support

Medical Accompaniment

Childbirth Education

Local Courses

Belly & Body Casting

Card Readings

Recent Blog Posts

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