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Tarot & Oracle Card Readings

A close up photo of a Tarot card, the Four of Pentacles. It is primarily green and shows a drawn bee in the center of intersecting circles and four pentacles around it.

Cartomancy (the art of reading cards as a form of divination) may seem like a purely mystical practice to many, but card reading has a long and varied history. While some people attribute more magic into this practice than others, card reading can also be viewed from a secular perspective as a tool for self-reflection and guidance. Anyone who is open to it can benefit from a card reading!

Whether you need guidance on a major event in your life, have questions about a new job opportunity, or want to better understand your current situation, a reading with me can help provide you with new insights and considerations.

If you'd like to request a reading from me, please click the link below to contact me. I have a small selection of decks (some closer to the classic Tarot, some that are completely unique) to work with, and we will work together to determine the deck and spread that works best for your inquiry. Readings are completed within a week, depending on the complexity of the reading (ex. a three card spread may be done within a few days, a Celtic Cross reading may require a full week). The results are delivered in the form of an emailed document with photos of the pulled cards so that you can review the associated imagery, descriptions of each card pulled, individual interpretations, and overall interpretations. 

Cost: $5 - $25 depending on complexity of read.

Trades/barters also welcome.

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