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Abortion Support

A photo of a pair of hands holding another pair of hands supportively.

Considering an abortion? Seeking information or resources? In need of support, answers, or even just a hand to hold? 

You are not alone. Whether you're just looking for information or are actively planning for an abortion and wondering what your options may be, I can help you navigate the process. Depending on your situation, I will do my best to connect you to what you need and be there for you in whatever capacity feels best for you.

Abortion is completely normal and incredibly safe, but it can raise a lot of complex questions, feelings, and thoughts. If you need guidance with any of these things (or just someone to listen to you!), please reach out today to schedule some time to talk or meet. We can also discuss strictly via email if needed. For more information on what I can do for you, see below.

Please note: I am not a medical professional and cannot dispense medical advice. Please see my FAQ for more information about this and the area I can physically serve.

What does support look like?

Everyone's situation is different, so my support will be unique to you and what you need. Depending on your circumstances, we will start with a consultation either in person, over the phone, or through email, depending on what works for you. We will discuss your situation and what you are looking for to determine next steps. This might include us:

  • Discussing basic information on abortion options and methods

  • Going over any general questions you have about the process and what to expect

  • Reviewing your financial needs and the organizations that may be able to help you financially if needed

  • Determining if you will need transportation, childcare, etc. and how to cover those needs

  • Planning for next steps and what you may need before, during, and after an abortion

  • Creating space for you to feel and express whatever you need to, without judgment

  • Referring you to other support workers and resources as needed, if I am unavailable

Cost: All abortion support services I provide are completely free, although donations and trades are accepted to help keep this work sustainable.

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